Fellow of the Insolvency Institute of Canada (FIIC)

Recognition as a Fellow of the Insolvency Institute of Canada (FIIC) is granted by the Board of Directors to members who have:

  • Gained recognition as a prominent member of the insolvency community;

  • Been a long-standing member of the IIC; and

  • Furthered the growth and development of the IIC through active participation in the activities and programs of the IIC.

Current FIIC Designates

Members who have achieved the FIIC designation are listed below.

David Baird Dennis Belcher
Rupert Chartrand (passed away)
Chris Clark
Gary ColterPeter Farkas
Michael FitchJean-Yves Fortin
Yoine Goldstein (passed away)
Paul G. Goodman
Susan GrundyE. Bruce Leonard (passed away)
R. Gordon MarantzRobert MacKeigan
Doug McIntoshPatrick McCarthy
The Honourable Geoffrey MorawetzMax Mendelsohn
Richard PettitMichael Milani
Robert SandersonLarry Prentice
Jay SwartzEdward Sellers
 D. William KennedyGale Rubenstein
 Peter Gibson
 Robert Thornton
 Aubrey Kauffman
 Wayne Myles
 Pamela Huff