Membership Guidelines & Application

Membership in the IIC is by invitation of the Board of Directors and is based on an application review process.

The 2024 Membership Application Program

The IIC Membership Application Program for 2024 is now open.

The deadline for applications is midnight of April 12, 2024.

Annual Process

The membership application review will be conducted in the spring with candidates informed of the results at the end of June.

Former applicants can roll forward their application on file for two years but are are strongly encouraged to update it and resubmit by the set deadline.

However, if you are a previous applicant and have applied for three years unsuccessfully, a new application including updated sponsors will be required. Firm partners, board directors and members of the Regional or National Membership Committees can not serve as sponsors. All committee members are listed under Who We Are>Committees.

All queries and applications can be emailed to Executive Director Meghan Cross.

Applications not received by the set deadline will not be considered for the current membership year.

Membership Application & Guidelines  

Those interested in pursuing membership in the IIC must complete a Membership Application.

We encourage applicants to read and review the Membership Guidelines before applying.  Sponsors can submit their forms separately and directly to the executive director. Members of the Regional Membership Committees, National Membership Committee, Board of Directors and firm partners/colleagues can NOT serve as your sponsor. A complete listing of all committee members can be under Who We Are>Committees.

Membership Admission Standards

The IIC is a professional, educational, and honorary association of commercial insolvency and bankruptcy professionals, including lawyers, trustee/financial advisors, academics and officers of lending institutions and others who are dedicated to the improvement of the insolvency process and the enhancement of the professional quality of and public respect for the commercial insolvency and bankruptcy practice.

Our membership is comprised of members who are committed to furthering the objectives of the IIC. The membership policy currently provides for 140 Regular members drawn from experienced insolvency practitioners. The membership policy currently provides guidelines that, as a pre- requisite for membership, the applicant must have been practicing for at least 10 years, with such time-period running from either the call to the bar or from obtaining the CIRP, licensed insolvency trustee (LIT) or other appropriate designation.

Membership shall be restricted by invitation to honour those individuals who have proven to their peers, through long, continuous performance in their insolvency specialty that they possess: (i) the highest professional qualifications and ethical standards; (ii) that high level of character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership which demonstrates the likelihood that they will continue to contribute to the enhancement of insolvency scholarship, continuing education and the insolvency process; (iii) a commitment to fostering and furthering the objectives of the IIC; (iv) sustained, exceptionally high quality professional services to clients, bar and public; (v) significant evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing, and/or distinguished published writings on bankruptcy practice, procedure, philosophy, improvements and reforms which demonstrates a consistent contribution to the enhancement of bankruptcy and insolvency literature, education, insolvency practice and the insolvency process.

Academic Membership 2024

Academics interested in applying to the IIC for Academic Membership,
must send their CV to Executive Director Meghan Cross by midnight, Friday, April 12, 2024

For the purposes of membership in the Academic Member category, an academic is someone who is not a practitioner in the field, but is actively involved in teaching, researching, and publishing on commercial restructuring and insolvency issues and cases. Academic membership shall be capped at a maximum 5% of the Regular membership. Academic Members recommended for admission by the National Membership Committee, may be admitted to the Institute by resolution of the Board.

  1. An Academic Member may apply for membership with the submission of a CV to the NMC demonstrating they meet the requirements of membership;

  2. Academic Members will be admitted to membership for a five-year renewable term commencing at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) after their admission. To retain membership, Academic Members are required to demonstrate their continued active involvement in teaching, researching, and publishing on commercial restructuring and insolvency issues and cases;

  3. An Academic Member may attend Institute conferences and other events subject to the requirement to pay the normal registration and other fees payable by Regular Members.  Academic Members shall not have the right to vote at any Meeting of Members, to serve on Committees as a voting Member or to be a Director of the Institute;

  4. Annual Membership fees are waived for Academic Members but may be established from time to time by the Board;

  5. Academic Members are required to inform the Board and step down from membership should they no longer be actively involved in teaching, researching, and publishing on commercial restructuring and insolvency issues and cases;

  6. An Academic Member must contribute at least one (1) paper to the IIC Journal or undertake a significant project, as approved by the Board, within each five (5) year term

  7. Co-Editors of the IIC Journal shall be admitted under the Academic membership category but are not included in the 5% of Regular Membership cap. Co-Editors are not required to contribute a paper to the IIC Journal or undertake a significant project during their term as a Co-Editor. Co-Editors must serve on the Editorial Advisory Committee for the length of their contract. Upon completion of their contract as a Co-Editor, they are subject to all terms and conditions of Academic membership.