Insolvency Institute of Canada
Prize in Insolvency Studies

The 2023-2024 IIC Prize in Insolvency Studies has been launched. Look for posters around your university and on your school website!

The 2023-2024 Prize in Insolvency Studies

The IIC is proud to announce that the IIC Prize in Insolvency Studies will be awarded again for the 2023-2024 academic year. This is the 6th year the IIC has provided the award at 17 universities across Canada. Individual universities are responsible for dissemination of all prize monies.

The prize is awarded to the students with the top grade in the bankruptcy, restructuring or insolvency law course at faculties of law across Canada.

The top students in the course will receive a $1,000 prize along with invaluable networking opportunities with the top practitioners in Canada. In addition, both the student winners and their universities will be recognized. This includes:

  • An invitation extended for winners to connect with an IIC member from their region or a firm of their interest.

  • Student and university recognition on the IIC website and on social media platforms.

  • Recognition at the IIC Annual General Meeting.

The IIC is looking to work closely with the universities, law faculty deans, and course professors to promote the scholarship and encourage student participation to build awareness of the insolvency and restructuring profession in Canada and the role of the IIC. To that end, the IIC will be reaching out to the designated universities for assistance in identifying these key contacts.

The following universities offering a bankruptcy, restructuring or insolvency law course in Canada have been identified for the Insolvency Institute of Canada Prize in Insolvency Studies program:

Dalhousie University, McGill University, Queen’s University, Thompson Rivers University, Western University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, l’Université Laval, University of Manitoba, Université de Montréal, University of New Brunswick, University of Ottawa, University of Saskatchewan, Université de Sherbrooke, University of Victoria, University of Windsor and York University. Additional universities may be considered if a bankruptcy, insolvency or restructuring course is offered through the faculty of law.

If you are the instructor or professor for the bankruptcy, insolvency or restructuring course, please contact executive director Meghan Cross.

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Winners!

(Winners names are posted as they are received from their respective universities

University of Alberta - TBD
University of British Columbia - TBD
University of Calgary - TBD
L'Université Laval - TBD
University of New Brunswick - TBD
University of Manitoba - TBD
University of Montreal - TBD
University of Saskatchewan - TBD
Université de Sherbrooke - TBD
University of Toronto - TBD
University of Ottawa - TBD
University of Windsor - Konstantinos Tsatsos
University of Victoria - Nicole Walsh
Thomson Rivers University -  TBD
Queen's University - Chloe Stone
Dalhousie University - TBD
Western University - Sara N. Fuller
York University - Jordan Mamelak

Past IIC Prize Winners


University of Alberta - Caitlyn Smith
University of British Columbia - Josh Lerner
University of Calgary -
Daniel Stethem
L'Université Laval - Anne-Sophie Ayoub
University of New Brunswick - Megan Stewart
University of Manitoba - Mackenzie Cardinal
University of Montreal - Lezhi Wang
University of Saskatchewan - Troy Mack
Université de Sherbrooke - Mathieu Gobeil
University of Toronto - Riyana Manerikar
University of Ottawa - Julia Chung
University of Windsor - Cayley Kavanagh
University of Victoria - Harmanpreet Kang
Thomson Rivers University -  Sean Gillis
Queen's University - Erik Knopf
Dalhousie University - Julia Hiltz
Western University - Meaghan Sweeney
York University - Andrew Nesbitt

University of Alberta - Jack Holan
University of British Columbia - Olga Shaporenko
University of Calgary - Course not held in 2021-2022
L'Université Laval - Élicia Mayer
University of New Brunswick - Katherine Peterson
University of Manitoba - Course not held in 2021-2022
University of Montreal - Jessica Bardakji

University of Saskatchewan - Corbin Golding
Université de Sherbrooke
- Jasmine Huard
University of Toronto - Anna Glover
University of Ottawa - Shara Sullivan
University of Windsor - Harry Meiteen
University of Victoria - Course not held in 2021-2022
Thomson Rivers University - Farrukh Ahmad
Queen's University - Diana McBey
Dalhousie University - Patrick Kahn
Western University - Simran Joshi
York University - Meena Alnajar & Alexis Bass

University of Alberta - Justin Haack
University of British Columbia - Lauren Antoniuk

University of Calgary - Erin Anderson
L'Université Laval - Charles-Philippe Héroux
University of New Brunswick -
Jordan Hamilton
University of Manitoba - Joel Olfert
University of Montreal - Michelle Garcia
University of Saskatchewan - Sam Kalmakoff

Université de Sherbrooke - Pauline Beaupré
University of Ottawa - Mélissa Lalonde
University of Toronto - Kaija Mikaela Sandberg

University of Windsor - Nisheet Karthikeyan
University of Victoria - Course not held in 2020-2021
Dalhousie University - Course not held in 2020-2021
Thomson River University - Jana Chouinard &
Heidi Esslinger

Queen's University - Colette Koopman
Western University - Zagros Habibi
York University - Rachel Somers


University of Alberta - Rajiv Bansal
University of British Columbia - Sundeep Garcha
University of Calgary - Course not held in 2019-2020
L'Université Laval - Martin Bisson
University of New Brunswick - Chee-Wang Ng
University of Manitoba - Jessica Pushka
University of Montreal - Rosemarie Cliche
University of Ottawa - Mykelti St-Louis & Brendan Wu

University of Toronto - Katharine Somers
University of Saskatchewan - Graham Fuga
Université de Sherbrooke -
Hugues Gagnon
University of Windsor - Mitch Maclean
University of Victoria - Course not held in 2019-2020
Dalhousie University - James Glasworthy & Natalie MacDougall
Thomson Rivers University - Katherine McDonnell
Queen's University -
Vanessa Yee
Western University - Monica Faheim
York University -  Ferial Fekri


University of Alberta - Aaron Aitken
University of British Columbia - MaryGrace Johnstone
University of Calgary -  Daphne Wang
L'Université Laval - Martin Ouellet
University of New Brunswick - Margaret Collins
University of Montreal - Julien Cyr-Lapierre
University of Ottawa - Jessica Lalonde

University of Toronto - Evan Woodley
University of Saskatchewan - Shay Brehm
Université de Sherbrooke - Émilie Bédard
University of Victoria - Lauren Frederick
Dalhousie University - Hilary Gilroy
Thomson Rivers University - Shaun Langlois
Western University - Jessica Fung
York University - Rima Halabi