Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of the IIC is to promote excellence and thought leadership in commercial insolvency and restructuring policy and practice in Canada.


The IIC is Canada's premiere interdisciplinary forum for leadership in the field of commercial insolvency and restructuring.


The goals of the IIC are based on four pillars - networking, advocacy, professional development, and membership. These four pillars represent the foundation for the IIC's work, guiding and directing the activities of the IIC within the insolvency community.


To foster effective networking and business development activities among our members and the larger insolvency/restructuring community.


To advocate for the continuous development and improvement of commercial insolvency and restructuring policies and practice.

Professional Development

To provide members with advanced learning and educational opportunities in the field of insolvency and restructuring.


To promote the membership and active participation of leaders in the field of commercial insolvency and restructuring.